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Many people think that a damaged leather suit is unrepairable - think again.

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This custom made jacket was 'cut off' the rider after an accident. The right arm completely cut off and both arms cut down the center

motorcycle leather suit crash repairs

The result of having your favourite jacket cut off

leather repairs to crash damage

This jacket had multiple cuts to get the jacket off the rider during an accident.

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The Finished Repair

leather repairs, leather crash repairs

Our technicians inserted new panels to get the jacket back to like new!!

Welcome to the Hill4Leather Website

Motorcycle Leather and Textile Repairs and Alterations

Hill4Leather is a family run business specialising in motorcycle leather and textile repairs, leather suit alterations and custom leather graphics.

We pride ourselves on providing value money and an outstanding service to our customers. Our machinists are highly skilled with over 20 year's experience of handmade motorcycle leather repairs, alterations, crash damage, graphics, lettering and zip or velcro replacement.


Our Services

All our repair and alteration work is performed by-hand at our workshop, with nothing being sent away to a third party. This means that we oversee every aspect of the work and are able to ensure that everything is performed to our customer's requirements and expectations. We are able to work on all types of motorcyle clothing; leather and textiles, providing a first class personal repair service to our customers.

If your favourite leathers are looking a little tired, send them to Hill4Leather for a complete overhaul, Zip and Velcro replacement, re-stitching and a good clean.

Hill4Leather endeavours to give a fast friendly service, using only the best materials available.

Motorcycle Leather Repairs

It's an unfortunate fact that sometimes motorcyclists do occasionally come off and this invariably involves damage to the leather race suit, trousers or jacket. Many people think that the damage to their favourite leather suit is unrepairable, but think again. Motorcycle leather suits, trousers and jackets, are all made up of a series of panels, which can be replaced. Part of our leather repair process is to match the colour of the leather, then perform the required repair. We only use the best available leather, so you can be sure that the suit will be returned in just the same (or sometimes better) condition. We are able to repair most motorcycle leather suits, no matter how severe the damage might appear. Just send us an email with some pictures of the damage and we will be able to let you know if it is repairable and the cost of the leather repair.

Motorcycle Leather Alterations

Ever wanted a perfect fitting suit but didn't want to pay out for a made-to-measure one? Simply buy an off-the-shelf suit and we can make the necessary alterations to make it fit perfectly at a fraction of the cost. Put on a little extra weight recently; again, we can help you there - with making your suit fit again... Knee or elbow protectors in the wrong place? Not a problem, we can make the necessary alterations to have the protection in exactly the correct position. This will make your suit feel better and will be a lot more effective should the unforeseen happen.

Custom Graphics & Lettering

As well as carrying out alterations and repairs to leathers and some textiles, we are also able to add bespoke custom graphics, lettering and stitching. If you have a particular design, just send us the image file and we will be able to add it to your clothing or accessories. Our lettering and graphics specialist can accommodate any requirement you may have, just email us or give us a call to discuss your requirements. All the custom graphics are hand stitched in leather for a really professional look. Click here for some examples of our custom graphics and leather lettering.

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