Retail Prices

All prices are subject to carriage and V.A.T


Description Price From
Ankle £30
Fly £30
Cuff £30
Pocket £30
Main Jacket £40
One Piece Main £50
Joining Zip one side £40
Joining Zip Both sides £70
Boot Zip Runner £14
Boot £40
Zip Runner £8

Replacements or Additions

Description Price From
Knee Sliders Velcro £40
Techno Style Knee Sliders Velcro £90
Velcro Straps £15
Waist Elastics £45
Replacement Collars £40
General Stitching £10
Poppers (price each) £5


Description Price From
Shorten Ankle £45
Shorten Above Knee £75
Shorten Above and Below Knee £100
Lengthen at Ankle £75
Lengthen Above Knee £100
Shorten Sleeves From Cuff £55
Shorten Sleeves From Above Elbow £70
Shorten Sleeves From Above and Below Elbow £90
Lengthen Sleeves at Cuff £75
Lengthen Sleeves Above Elbow £90
Take in Waist on Trousers £55
Let Out Waist on Trousers £70
Keprotec Crutch £60


Description Price From
Crash Repairs Quotation on request
Glove Repairs Quotation on request
Lettering and Graphics Quotation on request
Gortex Repairs Quotation on request

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